Welcome to the Future Trip community where you can party without any kind of boundaries.

The popular music NFT Project


Becoming a Future Trip NFT owner will open a path to the most exclusive and extraordinary events, unlike anything developed until now, organized in a strong partnership with valuable affiliates from all over the world. Being part of our Metaverse will surely make you a redoubtable attendant of both real life and virtual parties we’ll be throwing for you.

Future Trip was created by a team of experienced entrepreneurs which joined forces with marketing experts, talented artists and recognizable promoters from all around the globe. This joint was formed from a true love for music, innovation and the lust for progression, meant to introduce you into the legit NFT space.

Transparency and communication is very important to us. We will ensure that this project is a great, longterm and fun investment for all holders.
Everyone who joins Future Trip NFT will receive many advantages based on the activities and individual experience, as well as on the events and giveaways organized within the community.

With over a decade of experience in organizing events, now we have found the best solution for our customers!

Your next generation NFT based access to events

CASHLESS & Eco-Friendly Event

Because you own a Future Trip NFT, you will be able to drink at bar what and whenever you want during the event, therefore you won’t need cash money anymore, there’s no limit settled only the one you’re self imposing.

Because change must start within us and each and everyone must have an active part in keeping the environment clean, we have created a kit which will help us reduce a lot of plastic waste and keep the dance floor clean throughout the event.
The kit contains a reusable glass made from recycled materials and a pocket ashtray. The kit is free (included in your NFT ). The purpose of the reusable glass is to reduce the usage of several plastic glasses from many to just one, same thing goes for paper straws. In case you lose your glass, you can get another but you should highly try to make sure this will not happen regularly if you consider yourself a true environmentalist and you want to help us protect the planet from plastic pollution.

The popular music NFT Project


The number of NFTs is limited for each event, so NOT everybody will be able to get one.
Exclusive Private Events will be hosted in Premium locations for our community members.

The exclusive music & events NFT project

The popular music NFT Project


Welcome to the Future Trip community. A community that shares common values and ideals.
To be part of it, you will need to get an NFT from one of our collections, depending on your needs or wishes, which will identify you as a holder.
We are here to provide what you’re wishing for and satisfy your goals in order to get the highest experience from us, a true future trip, literally and metaphorically speaking.

The popular music NFT Project

Get ready for a lot of fun, social networking and unique experiences inside the Metaverse!



The NFT represents your membership.

On the community side, we will develop a PARTY-TO-EARN system, so each member will have the opportunity to build any kind of virtual club, chose his type of music and customize an interior design of his preference, so that each experience will be unique.

At the same time, those who create their virtual clubs receive “cash” when they have people attending their club engagement. In order to get “cash”, each member must organize events, and for each person in the club, he will be rewarded using a pre-settled payment scheme.

Each member can increase their reputation: this is a tool which will bring them to the top clubs and promote them in the community. The more “fancy” you are, the higher the reputation and therefore the higher visibility throughout the community. The more customers you have, the more popular you are, so your club will be more appreciated and visited, basically you’re increasing your chances of having multiple visits from the same attendees.

Future Trip puts at disposal free music library, but also music accessible by paying a certain fee. Get ready for the most entertainment ecosystem!

The popular music NFT Project


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Future Trip.
We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.
To deliver an unforgettable events of unprecedented scale, we have partnered with incredible projects and companies.


⁃ Website launch.
⁃ NFT asset design.
⁃ Building partnership.
⁃ Building a strong community – first target of 1000 members.


⁃ Launch the marketing campaign.
⁃ Surprise Influencer collaborations will be revealed.
⁃ Member giveaways.
⁃ Reveal the date of the first event and the artists.
⁃ Project launch.


⁃ We will launch our merch store.
⁃ Community Involvement: Feedback and Polls
⁃ Grow the community, further development: improvements and functionality.


⁃ Party-To-Earn Ecosystem will be revealed.
⁃ Partnership with Metaverse Platform.
⁃ Constant value creation for our NFT holders.



The popular music NFT Project








The popular music NFT Project

Community involvement

Because change must start within us and each and everyone must have an active part in keeping the environment clean, basically in helping reduce the plastic waste, there will be some things we will always get involved into, therefore:

5% of all incomings will go to a non profit cause chosen by the community

10% from royalities will go to a non profit cause chosen by the community

What are our goals?

• to develop a unique experience for our community involved in our events.
• to give both artists and fans new ways of engaging, to create connections and memories.
• to successfully apply our Cashless & Eco-Friendly system at all events around the world.
• to implement the Party-To-Earn ecosystem.


We are committed to provide 100% transparency in our actions and explaining all our decisions to our community, so they can keep evidences and tracks of what we are doing and when we are doing it.


• Entertainment
• Party-to-earn
• Metaverse Parties
• Donations

Why on Elrond?

It is very simple question to answer to. ELROND has proven to be a trust worthy partner, being one of the fastest and most secure platforms which uses effective blockchain technologies. Working with them helps us add transparency to our business and we are sure this is one of the things we must mark off in order to prove our intentions and aim good goals for our community.

Check here their business model.

The popular music NFT Project

Use of funds

The popular music NFT Project


You can mint a Future Trip NFT from our shop


The launch date is: June 7th, 2022

Maiar, Elrond Web Wallet, Ledger

1000 NFT’s for each event

You can check here

10% of the secondary sales will go to a non profit cause chosen by the community.

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